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Why I Became a Financial Adviser

Why I Became a Financial Adviser

Prior to becoming a financial adviser, I had a successful ten year career as a surveyor, including running my own surveying business for several years. During this time my wife and I worked closely with a financial adviser who guided us toward achieving our financial goals. In the 10 years since I first met with a financial adviser, I have had many positive experiences. Each experience had one common outcome and result, feeling a peace of mind that the things that required attention have been addressed while having greater clarity and understanding of where we were financially and the plan going forward.

We found this process incredibly valuable, and it inspired me to change careers. Transition from surveying to financial advice involved me taking approximately four months off to complete my initial study of an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning in 2014. While I studied, I spent a few days a week looking after our daughter, who was 18 months old at the time. Following the completion of my diploma, I commenced an Administration role within the advice team at BT Financial Group and continued with my education over the following five years, as I moved into advice roles with BT and other private firms.  At the end of 2019, I received a Masters of Financial Planning. 

I really enjoy working with families and small business owners to help them achieve their financial goals. My approach to delivering financial advice involves providing clarity and education around the financial decisions and concerns clients are facing, such as helping them manage cashflow and debt obligations through to building wealth to fund the things they want to achieve in life. I like to illustrate the impacts, both positive and negative, of clients’ financial decisions. I believe this allows them to make more informed choices regarding how they manage their finances and keep them on track to achieve their goals. I value being there for clients and being trusted by them to provide advice and peace of mind when they are faced with important financial decisions. With a young family myself, I understand how life can get in the way of planning for your financial future. However, the sooner you can start, the more you can achieve.

When I’m not working with clients, I am spend time with my wife and three children and the various activities they are involved in. When possible, I enjoy getting out on either my road or mountain bike, especially riding around the Perth Hills area and the trails in Dunsborough and Margaret River areas. 

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