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New Year’s resolutions for a rich life

New Year’s resolutions for a rich life

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As each year draws to a close, we see articles and social media posts focused on the typical New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, save money, work harder, get fitter – the list goes on. Whilst they are usually well intended, some resolutions can seem more like chores than positive life changes. 

As we head into 2023, we’re faced with an assortment of uncertainties. Whilst the fear and insecurity caused by COVID-19 is mostly behind us, the economic impacts of the pandemic (paired with resource shortages caused by conflicts in Europe) are starting to take their toll. Individuals, families, and businesses are struggling to stay afloat, and with the rising cost of living, it’s no surprise mental health issues are becoming much more prominent. 

We have compiled a list of New Year’s resolutions you can make to achieve a rich life. 

  1. Be more purposeful with your spending

If you keep finding yourself strapped for cash, have a look at what you’re currently spending on and try to find ways to make improvements. 

A coffee here and a takeaway there can soon add up – is there a better way that money could be spent? By tracking your spending, you might be able to identify ways cut down on unnecessary costs, so that ultimately you can afford things that really matter. 

  1. Try new foods

Instead of telling yourself to eat less or go on a diet in the new year, why not take the opportunity to try more diverse foods?

We are lucky enough to have access to many different cultures and cuisines here in WA, from Malaysian to Singaporean, Italian and Brazilian, even French and Portuguese. Challenge yourself to try something new each week and make a list of your favourite flavours so you can come back to them later.

  1. Connect with others

Having meaningful connections and strong relationships can be pivotal to our mental health. In 2023, try to spend more time with people you love, doing the things you enjoy. Joining a local club, team or community group can be a great way to socialise with like-minded people in your area whilst also providing an opportunity for you to pick up a new hobby or pastime. 

  1. Set a creative goal

Being creative can increase positive emotions, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety. Whether you are a star artist or an amateur musician, having a creative outlet can help with your overall wellbeing and mental health. If you’re not sure where to start, try some of the below ideas:

  • Reading or listening to audiobooks
  • Drawing, painting, or colouring in
  • Journaling or scrapbooking
  • Listening to podcasts or inspirational speakers
  • Listening to or making music
  • Cooking or baking
  1. Walk

We often underestimate the power of walking. Not only is walking a great way to boost your physical activity each day, but it can also help clear your mind when you’re stressed or anxious.

Walking outside also has great benefits, such as increased Vitamin D levels, improved sleep, better mood and better focus. Just remember to be wear a hat and slather on the SPF!

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions might be, we hope 2023 is a prosperous and successful year for everyone. If you’d like to chat with us about how you can create a Rich Life in the new year, get in touch with your Adviser.

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