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Meet Charlotte

Meet Charlotte

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We are thrilled to have Charlotte Todd join our expanding team. She will assist the Gilkison team in the Reception and Administration Support role.

Q: What’s your perfect Sunday?
A: My perfect Sunday starts with a natural wake up (no alarm clock!!), then sitting down to enjoy my breakfast and morning coffee a little slower than usual. The first part of the day is spent decorating and packing brownies, as part of my side hustle, followed by meal prepping my lunch for the week, making some home-baked goodies for the cupboard, and getting the housework done. I aim to sit down by late afternoon with a cup of tea and my laptop to catch up on some emails and other admin, and then simply relax into the evening.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?
A:That no one cares as much as you think they do; give everything a go and don’t worry about what people think or how you might look – chances are no one is even watching! Be unapologetically you.

Q: What’s one thing you’re learning now and why is it important?
A: I seem to be learning more about myself with each passing day as I approach my mid-late twenties, apparently it’s what this age is all about! Something I have been learning and working towards lately is having more confidence in myself and my ability, and to stop doubting myself so often. I am realising how important it is to back yourself always.

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