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Knowing when you have ‘enough’

Knowing when you have ‘enough’

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As you probably already know, a lot of our conversations are centred around ‘Rich Life’ and what this means for you.

Well, everyone is different and has different goals they would like to achieve. For many of our clients, one of the main financial goals is to make work optional. This creates more space in your life to do the things you love and actually want to be doing – spending more time with family and friends, travelling to places on your bucket list, expanding your skill set in an area you enjoy… the list could go on!

By understanding your goals and (more importantly) recognising once you’ve hit them, it can help reduce the amount of self-comparison you feel against others, and the discontentment that brings when it seems like they have ‘more’ than you.

We recently read this article by the Money Mag which sums up the importance of recognising when you have enough. Read more here.

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