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Isabella is now a Financial Adviser

Isabella is now a Financial Adviser

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As many of you may know, Isabella joined our team in November 2020 with the goal of becoming a Financial Adviser. Since then, she has achieved many milestones, including completing her Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and passing the Financial Planning Exam.

Starting January 1, 2019, individuals training to become Financial Advisers are required to complete a “professional year” of on-the-job training under the supervision of a senior Adviser. Isabella completed this requirement as of March 1, 2023, and is now a registered Financial Adviser.

Isabella’s drive and determination are evident in her continuing studies. She is currently pursuing a Master of Financial Planning and is also spearheading a new service offering for the “next generation” to help young people start early in achieving a rich life.

Gilkison Group is proud to have Isabella as its first-ever female adviser and the first person to start in an administration role and progress to become a Financial Adviser. Her achievement is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and time. We are excited for Isabella’s future at Gilkison and are confident that she will have a long and successful career.

Congratulations, Isabella!

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