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Christmas spending on a budget

Christmas spending on a budget

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Christmas. It’s the most wonderful (albeit, most expensive) time of the year. 

For many, the rising cost of living and sky-high interest rates will only add to the financial strain and pressure of the silly season. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs and make the most of your budget this Christmas, we’ve got you sorted! 

Make a list 

Lists can be a great way of planning who you need to buy for, what you’re buying, and how much you’re willing to spend. By making a list (and checking it twice) you can have peace of mind when it comes to Christmas shopping, and will mean that you’re less likely to make unnecessary purchases.

Secret Santa

If you can, propose a Secret Santa style of gift-giving this year. Buying one gift instead of ten will easily reduce your Christmas budget, and it means you can put more time, effort, and attention into getting the perfect gift for that one person. 

Plan your meals

Christmas may be the time for giving, but it’s also the time for eating – lots! If you do a Christmas lunch or dinner with family, make a plan for how many people will be dining, and have each party bring a plate. This way, you can ensure the cost of entertaining is divided equally between attendees, and will also relieve some of the pressure from whoever is hosting. 

Shop online but watch out for shipping

By shopping online, not only can you avoid the crazy queues and crowds of people in-store, but you can also structure your shopping trip so you only buy what you need. This principle applies to gifts and food, and can be a useful way of getting all your Christmas shopping sorted earlier (as you won’t have to wait until the weekend to get it done!). Just be wary of any shipping cut off dates and costs, you don’t want to be caught red-faced without a gift!

Give from the heart

The best gift isn’t always the most expensive. Often, it’s a personalised gift that means the most. Here’s a few ideas:

  • For the reader: A book you think they’d enjoy with a handwritten message inside.
  • For the nostalgic one: A scrapbook or photo album with their favourite pictures and memories.
  • For the do-er: Shared experiences and adventure games.
  • For the homebody: Scented candles, incense and some nice tea, coffee or wine.
  • For the beauty addict: Homemade organic products, such as soaps, scrubs or salts.
  • For the gamer: Try a family board game or a virtual reality experience.
  • For the foodie: A book filled with the best places to dine.

There is an affordable gift for everyone out there. You just need to stop to really think about it. The time spent curating the perfect gift will be worth far more than the dollar amount spent on something flashy.

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